Short Mind-Body Type Questionnaire

What is your Dosha?

“Having filled in your questionnaire and then reading the results I am amazed how insightful it is. Thank you.”- Beverley K

According to Ayurveda, the time-testing science from India, each of us has a unique mix of three mind and body principles, which underpin our own mental, physical and emotional characteristics. One has an innate lifelong characteristic, call Prakriti, and your current state, called Vikriti. The distinction between Practriti and Vikriti is not so vital because what matters is taking account of your state now and bring balance is how to improve your health. Fortunately, better balance can be achieved through attention on your diet and routine, which Ayurvedic tips suited to you, that you can get here. Once you have filled in the questionnaire, you will be taken to the page based on your score, with tips for improving your health and happiness.

  • Lean, thinModerate buildRounded, solid and a little heavy
  • Dryeven and warm skina little oily, soft and smooth
  • Fast paced and likes to talkModerate pace and confident speakerSlower and steady speaker
  • Irregular appetite, likes the occasional nibble regularlyStrong appetite and strong thirstNormal appetite and thirst, slow eater
  • Smaller quantities and lighter foods, can eat quicklyStrong digestion and needs to eat when hungryMid days meals are best and digestion can be weaker, benefits from spices to stimulate digestive fire
  • Sometimes a little constipationTendency towards loose and liquid stoolsRegular
  • Dry bodyCan sweat oftenTendency toward considerable sweatiness and oily skin
  • Likes sweet and sour foodsLikes sweet and bitter foodsLike spicy, astringent and pungent foods
  • Quick to memorize, but tendency to forgetModerate memorySlow to learn but good long term memory
  • Can experiences disturbed, short sleepModerate sleep can take a while to settleEasy and deep sleep and sound sleep
  • Generally a liking for arts, music, dance, books and travellingGenerally a liking for problem solving, interest in leading activities and competitive sportsGenerally liking active sports requiring stamina like football, rugby or water sports
  • Dry, cold and windy conditionsHeat and bright sunWet and cold conditions
  • Creative, friendly, good imagination, quickly starts something but takes time to finish the task; can rush a little and take on to much.Ambitious, confident, fiery personality and strong, determined will, can be frustrated under pressure.Well grounded, truthful, loyal, patient and satisfied in life, can be lethargic if out or balance