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Why Maharishi Ayurveda is Unique

White-daisies-on-blue-sky-back-400-In the mid seventies Maharishi wanted to bring out the knowledge and practice of Ayurveda so he collaborated with a number of Ayurvedic Doctors from India and helped them to restore the original knowledge of Ayurveda, the Science of Life.

Maharishi drew together the pre-eminent Ayurvedic Vydias who carefully restore the original formulas from the records from the Vedas. These have been tried and tested for thousands of years of clinical results. All derived from Ayurveda, a health science as old as human history. They brought back the original specific formulas for preparations to treat patients. These addressed the health issue to restore and maintain the natural wellbeing of the person.

For example there are 26 ingredients in Blissful Joy. There are a number of products to help establish a good sleeping patterns, some for Vata imbalance, some for Pitta imbalance and one for those with interrupted sleep, called Blissful Sleep Basic.