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Qualities of Vata, Pitta & Kapha

This section gives an overview of the qualities of each dosha. This aims to help people become more aware of Vata, Pitta and Kapha in day to day life. The Vata dosha is the most important of the three doshas because if Vata becomes imbalanced for long enough then it will imbalance the other doshas as well. Vata is more primary because it occurs in nature before the others, space and air are more subtle than fire, water and earth. Vata is known as the king dosha in Ayurveda.>

It is important to remember when reading this that most people are a mix of two doshas, say Vata/Pitta. Mostly Vata with Pitta secondary. Also note that ones life span has times when on dosha is more present, vata becomes significant in elderly life.

This is an overview of the qualities of each dosha.

 Aspect Vata Pitta Kapha
General Qualities
Structure Bony, thin Well proportioned, often muscular Well formed, broad shoulders, strong muscles
Body Naturally slim Medium build Larger frame & solid
Qualities Cold, dry, quick moving Warm, light, sightly oily, sweats easily, prone to moles or freckles Thick skin, can be oily
Thirst Varied Can be excessive Moderate
Mental Traites Creative, imaginative, quick thinking, changeable, easy going Focused, goal orientated, assertive, often leads, intellectual Steady, reliable, slow, loyal
Memory and Concentration Quick to learn, good short term memory, longer term not so good Moderate learning time, generally good memory Slow to learn but remembers very well
General Personality Changeable, uncertain, tends to worry Sharp minded, can be critical, confident Steady and reliable, even tempered, loyal
Sleep Light and often interrupted, tends to need more sleep than Pitta or Kapha Average time of sleep sufficient, usually sound sleep Heavy sleeper, can be hard to rouse