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The Sugar ‘Rush’ & Natural Alternatives

Stevia Alternative to refined sugarThere are a number of known issues that refined sugar has for health.

These include:-

White sugar is high in sucrose which means the pancreas needs to produce insulin to make glucose (blood sugar) out of the sucrose, so the pancreas can be overworked to increases glucose rapidly. One may notice a lull in energy about 30 to 60 minutes after a meal or foods with enough sugar in them to have this effect.

The difference with natural sugars is that they are processed more slowly and the energy releases into the body over a longer period. Also the pancreas does not have to work hard using energy to compensate for the excess glucose.

If you want more details on the impact of refined sugar on you click here.

There are some well known and some not so well known alternatives, these include:-

Jaggery sugar – unprocessed sugar from sugar beet or from date palms

Stevia – from a plant Alternative to sugar

Date Syrup – from dates

There are also a number of branded mixes of sweet ingredients, a most available is Sweet Freedom made from natural fruit extracts including apple and grape.

Pure Maple Syrup – from the maple tree

White sugar is high in sucrose rather than fructose. Best to give the reason why the pancreas needs to produce the insulin (to make glucose out of the sucrose). There are other hormonal systems involved too.

Note: we do not recommend Agave syrup because it is very high in fructose, more than any other commonly available sweetener. To read more click here