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Unique Formulas & Quality Supply

1. Original Formulas

Maharishi drew together the pre-eminent Ayurvedic Vaidyas who carefully restore the original formulas from the records from the Vedas. These have been tried and tested for thousands of years. All derived from Ayurveda, a health science as old as human history.

2. Independent Certification

Maharishi Ayurveda’s commitment to quality is reflected in its ongoing effort to combine authentic formulation and processing techniques with cutting-edge production and quality control practices. Maharishi Ayurveda Products (MAP), Herb Farmour supplier in India, currently holds several recognised manufacturing certifications, including ISO, HACCP and GMP.

2.1 What is ISO?

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is a worldwide federation with a membership representing well over 100 countries. This non-governmental organisation was established in 1947 and derives its name from the Greek word “iso,” which means equal. The term “equal” may be thought of synonymously with “standards.” A large part of the ISO’s mission is to promote the development of international standards for similar technologies, which in turn promotes worldwide exchange of goods and services. Maharishi Ayurveda is currently the only Ayurvedic health supplement company in the world to meet the internationally standardised requirements for quality in the design, production and export of herbal products.

2.2 MAP’s ISO Review

The stringent ISO criteria used in evaluating Maharishi Ayurveda Products (MAP) are the same as those used to assess nuclear power plants. The review targeted 20 quality categories including design control, production, storage, microbiological quality control, test equipment, standardisation and calibration, product identification and handling, packaging, preservation, inspection and testing procedures.

2.3 HACCP Certification

Certification requires a close focus on achieving step-by-step process quality at all “critical control points” of the production process, the objective being to produce and deliver products that are free of health hazards.

2.4 GMP Certification

This certification is further independent authentication that Maharishi Ayurveda manufactures and distributes consistently effective, safe and reliable products batch after batch. The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification is issued after an independent panel of experts has done in-depth and intensive investigation to ratify that the company has established manufacturing systems and practices that ensure “fault-free, safe and consistent-quality” products.

3. ISO 9001 certified manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art, hygienic processing facilities were designed by a team of Ayurvedic experts, food technologists and scientists to blend the best of the ancient and the modern.WR0274340 - © - Dinodia

4. Expert supervision over formulation and processing

The Council of Maharishi Ayurveda Physicians oversees product formulation and processing to ensure authenticity and adherence to the Ayurvedic texts.

5Every formula includes the whole herb, not just the isolated “active” ingredient.

This is a major difference between a traditional, authentic Ayurvedic formula and modern medicine—our herbs use the whole plant, a natural way to avoid negative side effects and ensure maximum effectiveness.

One of the specialities of Ayurveda is the science of herb combining — sanyog — that has been proven over thousands of years of clinical practice. Maharishi Ayurveda herbal formulations are, with very few exceptions, blends rather than single herbs or oils, and epitomise the science of herb combining at its sophisticated best.

Each of our formulas is a precise combination of herbs that are carefully selected and combined to strengthen the formula in different ways:

  • Primary herbs target a specific area of health, such as energy or the mind.
  • Supporting herbs enhance the action of the primary herbs and reinforce their healing action.
  • Bioavailability herbs help your body assimilate and use the nutrients.
  • Herbal ‘co-factors’ remove impurities and the effects of less-than-perfect digestion from your body.
  • Balancing herbs cancel out any potential discomforts or side effects that can come with the benefits of a particular herb.

Together these different types of herbs create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts and result in a final formula that has the twin benefits of wholeness and balance.

We use the whole herb in our formulas, not isolated ingredients, because we understand that Nature’s healing wisdom is a delicate balance that is preserved in the whole plant, not an isolated chemical.

Wild-crafted herbs from India

Wild herbs are 100 times more potent than cultivated herbs. By gathering most of our herbs from pristine Wild Crafted Herbs From IndiaHimalayan areas, our herbal products are free of harmful chemicals and pollution.

The ancient ayurvedic texts maintain that how a formula is prepared is as crucial to its efficacy as what goes into that formula. Ayurvedic herb processing, or sanskar, is therefore a meticulous and highly developed science that ranges from instructions on when to harvest a specific herb to the sequence in which ingredients are to be added to a formulation.

Our formulas are prepared meticulously as laid down in the ayurvedic texts. For example, it takes six months to prepare some of our minerals.

Herbs used in our formulas are harvested at their freshest in India. The ayurvedic science of harvesting standardizes herb potency at its natural maximum without the use of chemical additives. Herbs naturally vary in potency with seasons, cycles of the moon and even by the time of day. Following traditional harvesting and processing techniques ensures natural standardization of potency. Where possible without threatening the natural ecological balance, our herbs are gathered in the wild, because wild-crafted herbs can be as much as 100 times more potent than their cultivated counterparts.

After the herbs are harvested, they are inspected by experts in dravyaguna, the science of identification and use of healing plants. It takes great attention and expertise to correctly identify herbs. Each batch of herbs is then sorted for quality. It’s not unusual for over half the crop to be rejected, because ayurvedic standards for maturity, purity and potency are so stringent.

We use traditional methods of extraction and processing. No chemical solvents are used in the extraction process, nor are the herbs exposed to high temperatures that can damage their natural intelligence. Different ingredients or components are added to a formulation at the specific times and temperatures detailed in the texts to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the final formulation.

6. Expert herbalists for identification and sorting

After the harvest, each herb has to be identified, sorted, cleaned and stored in a specific way. Traditional experts in dravyaguna, the science of plant identification, inspect each batch of herbs. We maintain stringent standards for purity and potency. Our herbal formulations are precise blends of different herbs, carefully selected to work together and create synergy and balance, so you get the benefits and no side effects.

7. Meticulous processing — no shortcuts

The authentic formulation is only the beginning. We follow through with traditional processing. Some of our ingredients take over six months to prepare.

8. Triple-tested in-house for quality

Each batch of herbs is tested when it arrives at our central processing plants*. Advanced technology including High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is used to verify the biological components of each herb. Each batch of herbs is also tested for heavy metal contaminants that can occur accidentally by air pollution from distant cities. Special equipment identifies the type and amount of any metallic residues to prevent contaminants. All natural farming or harvesting involves biological risks, but our herbs are thoroughly tested after processing to avoid any possible biological contaminants.

9. Independent Testing

Upon arrival in the UK, each batch of finished product (with the exception of MA and Veda herbs, and personal care products) is tested in a premier independent analytical testing facility** for the natural products industry. Our products undergo testing against requirements that exceed all Western standards for purity, freshness and microbiological safety.