Vata Tea


15 bags

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Product Description

Do you feel on edge, restless, or anxious? Is your mind unsettled? Do you have sleep problems? Ayurveda would say that the Vata or air element in your body is out of balance. A careful blend of liquorice, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger give Organic Vata Tea a full and sweet taste and helps bring your disturbed Vata back into a state of balance. It leaves you feeling soothed, calmed and relaxed.

botanical name common name plant part %
glycyrrhiza glabra linn. liquorice root
zingiber officinale rosc. ginger rhizome
elettaria cardamomum (linn.) cardamom fruit
cinnamomum zelanicum bl cinnamon bark

Method of Use

Use an aroma diffuser to diffuse the oil in an enclosed space. The benefits come
through the sense of smell rather than through the skin. The warmth of the body
may be used to evaporate this oil but it is recommended that you first dilute it with a
fixed oil (e.g. almond) taking particular care with young and sensitive skin

Not intended for use on the skin. However the warmth of the body may be used to
diffuse the aromas – if so dilute in a base oil (1:10) before applying. Be particularly
cautious on young and sensitive skin.

Only 5 to 10 bags per day

Over dose and its Management


Side Effects and Interactions

None known