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Product Description


Liver imbalances can lead to skin and digestive problems, fatigue, and many other ailments. Livercare helps cleanse the liver and its microchannels to flush out undigested impurities. This clears the path for vital nutrients to reach the liver. It promotes the first step of digestion – breaking down food in the stomach and small intestine. By keeping your liver healthy, you can enjoy mental and physical energy, clear skin, and natural immunity.

It is useful for people with anaemia. The herbs also support the pancreas.
It has a multifaceted action on the liver helping the liver withstand a wide range of hepato-toxins such as alcohol, drugs, bacteria, etc through hepato-protective herbs Tinospora, Phyllanthus & Tephrosia. The antibacterial actions of Moringa & Cedrus target infection and Neem is antiviral. Trichosanthes offers good support to the production of bile.
According to Maharishi Ayurveda, the liver is governed by Ranjaka Pitta and is composed of five Bhuta Agnis (fires). The five agnis should not be too high, too low or uneven. The more balanced the agnis the more ‘intelligent’ the blood that comes from the liver. In turn, intelligent blood supports physical and mental power, good oxygen flow and a good immune function. Livercare tablets help keep all five agnis in balance.30-days-money-back

botanical name common name plant part %
boerhaavia diffusa linn. spreading hogweed root 12.8
terminalia chebula retz. haritaki fruit rind 6.4
azadirachta indica adr. juss neem bark 6.4
berberis aristata dc indian barberry root 6.4
cedrus deodara (roxb.) loud deodar heartwood 6.4
crataeva nurvala buch.-ham three-leaved caper bark 6.4
moringa oleifera lam. drumstick tree bark 6.4
artemesia absinthium l. wormwood whole plant 6.4
tephrosia purpurea (linn.) p wild indigo whole plant 6.4
picrorrhiza kurroa royale ex b katuki root 6.4
tinospora cordifolia (willd.) h gulancha tinospora stem 6.4
trichsanthes dioica roxb. pointed gourd leaf 6.4
zingiber officinale rosc. ginger rhizome 6.4
phyllanthus nirum linn. bhumiamia whole plant 6.4
acacia arabica willd. gum arabic excipient 3.51
talcum talc excipient:lubrica 0.35
magnesium stearate magnesium stearate excipient 0.35

Method of Use
Take 1-2 tablets 2-3 times daily with water before or after meals.

Managing Overdose


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