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Vata types are slim, and can have wispy hair and dry skin. For Vata types personal habits and meal times are irregular, they often nibble between meals. Sleep is usually light and they are easily disturbed, with more likelihood of insomnia. Their thought processes, speech and movement is fast. They like to talk and enjoy all types of communication, including music. They dislike cold, windy or dry environments and feel chilled quickly or shiver easily. Extremities (hands and feet) are often cold, or become cold easily.

Tips to balance Vata include:

  • – Staying warm
  • – Working more slowly
  • – Taking warm drinks
  • – Organising your work in an orderly fashion
  • – Getting to bed before 10 – (before Pitta time), as well as no mental stimulation such as reading or TV after 9.30pm
  • – Taking Good Night tea before bed
  • – Warm food favouring sweet, salty and sour tastes, eg bananas
  • – The main meal in the middle of the day and lighter food in the evening
  • – Vata Aroma oil, Vata, Tea, Vata Spice mix added to food, Vata Shampoo, Vata Churna & Vata soap
  • – Blissful Sleep Vata
When in balance, Vata is: imaginative, communicative, sharp, lively and intuitive. They make good artisitic, creative team players.

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