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Pitta types are of medium build, intellectual and focused. They have soft skin with lots of body heat so they often perspire. Their skin flushes easily and they often have freckles and moles. They don’t like hot spicy foods, and don’t enjoy hot weather, sunlight or heat. Their skin develops rashes or sunburn easily. Their desires are strong in nature. They are extroverted and when stressed they get loud. They make good leaders and are ambitious. They enjoy competitive sports and games, either as spectators or participants. Their intelligence is high, they have good insight and a keen sense of discrimination. Tips to balance Pitta include:

  • – Staying cool
  • – Working at a steady pace
  • – Avoiding confrontational situations, negotiating rather than arguing
  • – Taking Pitta pacifying drinks, such as liquorice tea or Pitta tea
  • – Organising your work in an orderly fashion
  • – Getting to bed before 10 (before Pitta time), and avoiding mental stimulation such as reading, TV after 9.30pm
  • – Warm food favouring bitter, sweet and astringent tastes, e.g. red grapes
  • – The main meal in the middle of the day with cooler flavours, not hot spicy meals
  • – Pitta Aroma oil, Pitta Tea, Pitta Spice mix added to food, Pitta Shampoo, Pitta Churma and Pitta Soap
  • – If stomach acid is strong then Gastro Support, Herbal Aci-Balance or Detox Pitta may help
Pitta in balance gives focus, motivation, smoothness and warmth. They make good team players and leaders, like a challenge and have determination. Here are all the Pitta Products from Teas to Herbal Preparations. They include massage oils, face creams, a spice mix, soap, shampoo, an aromatherapy oil and massage oils.

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