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Kapha types thinks slowly and methodically, and have good stamina. They like slower work routines and aren’t necessarily fans of change. People with a predominant Kapha dosha tend to be heavy and solid, work slowly and methodically, are always consistent with their mood. However, they can get depressed, and can easily get overweight. They manage with less sleep than Vata or Pitta and sleep soundly.

They have a moderate or low appetite, slow digestion and do not usually like sweet foods. They enjoy eating spicy hot foods as they increase the strength of digestion and reduce Kapha. They prefer it when it is dry and warm.
Tips to balance Kapha include:

  • – Staying warm
  • – Manual work is good, either at home, like DIY or work
  • – Taking warm drinks
  • – Being methodical and thorough at work and at home
  • – Kapha types are comfortable with less sleep than Pitta or Vata and their sleep in usually deep
  • – It is still best not to read just before sleep or watch fast moving scenes on the TV
  • – Taking Good Night tea before bed
  • – Warm food favouring pungent, bitter and astringent tastes, e.g. apples, they have a drying quality that suites Kapha
  • – The main meal in the middle of the day and lighter food in the evening
  • – Kapha Aroma oil, Kapha Tea, Kapha Spice Mix added to food, Kapha Shampoo, Kapha Churma & Kapha Soap
  • – Blissful Joys is good for any one who gets low on a regular basis
Kapah in balance is warm, family orientated and open. They are consistent, reliable, loyal and dependable.

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