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Agni, or digestive power, is seen by Ayurveda as central to good health. Poor digestion means lack of full nutrition and the accumulation of ama, undigested food that forms toxic waste in the body. Sluggish bowels, feeling dull, tired, or bloated after eating, or feeling that your digestion is low, are signs of a weak Agni.

Digest Plus regulates Agni to balance your appetite and support good digestion. It helps balance stomach acid, reduces gas and supports liver and pancreatic function. It also detoxes ama from your body tissues. This preparation is especially suitable after a heavy meal. It also helps the live and pancreatic function.

You can also book a phone or Skype consultation with Dr Donn Brennan a doctor trained in Ayurveda who has been treating people for over 25 years here in the UK at £45 for 30 minutes. To read more about Donn and the service click here.

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