Liv Tyler: “Incredible way of centering myself”

liv tyler on transcendental meditation benefits

On October 16, 2013, actress Liv Tyler gave a rare live concert at an intimate rooftop benefit in New York.

Performing together with Royston Langdon & Spacehog, Liv Tyler helped to raise funds for the David Lynch Foundation First Responder’s Initiative. The campaign launched by the Foundation will offer free meditation courses to New York City’s first responders to alleviate the stress piled up in their professional life.

“After I did the first week of Transcendental Meditation where I did it twice a day, from that moment on I’ve never been that frazzled or that tired ever again. It was like it sort of restored my body on such a deep level. There was like a week’s worth of sleep. From that moment forward it was like I knew day and way. My whole nervous system reacted differently. I feel much less panicked and anxious and more calm about things. But I also feel deeply centered and rested.”



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