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Cooking with Ayurveda

Video Series: Ayurvedic Cooking for Good Health and Great Taste

This video is a brief introduction to the value of tailoring your diet to improve Culinary Guide Coveryour health and for great taste. With some recipes to create good health through the food you eat, from India’s traditional healthcare system – Ayurveda. You can learn how to cook tasty dishes that are simple to prepare and central to what Ayurveda considers a balanced and health promoting diet. For a great introduction with details such as foods that balance Vata, Pitta and Kapha read the 8 page PDF, “The Guide to Cooking with Ayurveda – To restore and maintain balance of Mind and Body in every season”. To download this click here. To view lists of fruit and vegetables that balance Vata, Pitta and Kapha click here. To find out more about the one day cooking workshops contact us on 0800 254 5077.
You can:

  • Learn about Ayurvedic body-types and why it’s important to choose the right food for you.
  • Find out which foods create balance and health, for Vata, Pitta and Kapha. To find out your mind-body type fill in this questionnaire which opens in a new tab.
  • Discover a simple taste formula to eliminate cravings and food addictions that may lead to excess weight or ill health
  • Proper food preparation.
  • Learn how to use herbs and spices to not only enhance taste but also to improve digestion of nutrients and elimination of harmful toxins.

No previous experience of cooking or Ayurveda is needed. You only have to have an interest in improving your health. Below are a few simple recipes for two popular, great tasting dhals and Chapattis, an Indian bread.