An Assessment by Dr Brennan – Founder of the Ayurveda Practitioners Association in the UK & practitioner for over 30 years

Donn worked as a GP, was one of the first doctors from the West to train in India in Ayurveda, was the founding president of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association and have 30 years of experience consulting and lecturing in Ayurveda.
For issues from sleep problems to a worrying mind, with 12 common issues, fill in a form and Dr Brennan will give you his personal recommendation by email for £20. Payment is made after completing this form. On completing this form you go to a page to pay the £20, this is required before you receive the assessment.

  • 1 Does not apply2345 Applies mostly
    Digestion: I Have Problems With My Digestion, It Can Be Sluggish.
    Heartburn: I Sometimes Get Heartburn After Meals.
    Constipation: My Bowel Movements Are Sluggish.
    Detox: I Would Like To Help My Body Clear The Toxins That Naturally Build Up To Improve The Natural Process Of Elimination Through The Bowels, Urinary System And Skin.
    Weight Balance: I Am Interested In Learning How To Reach My Optimum Weight Through Ayurveda.
    Immunity: From Time To Time I Tend To Get Colds And Other Minor Health Issues.
    Muscles: I Sometimes Get Aching Muscles Or Weakness Especially During Exercise.
    Energy Levels: I Sometimes Need An Energy Boost.
    Sleep Type 1: I Have Problems Getting To Sleep Initially.
    Sleep Type 2: I Often Wake Early After 2am.
    Overall Mood: Type 1: I Often Get Anxious.
    Overall Mood: I Am Often Depressed.
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